the innovation just March 14, 2018 12:54 AM

By : dreamgofashion

a loss as far as possible. Blame no use, the innovation just has an outlet! Middle forest is full continent Liyilituo debuts to Chengdu lumber special train silva fence panels held content in the palm to shed division of limited company garden in benefit of middle forest Yi a few days ago inside, full continent in to Chengdu middle forest Yi Li holds lumber in the palm hair of special train head. Head hair

special train in all 60 railroad car, add privacy screen to existing composite deck lade 2900 stere plank. Benefit of Yi of middle forest holds content in the palm to shed limited company relevant controller expresses, sichuan Chengdu is lumber of our country southwest one of distributing center centers, assemble many lumber natural resources and lumber product. Full continent in to line of special train of Sichuan faux rock outdoor siding Chengdu lumber

enlightened, farther to middle forest group development southwest and even countrywide lumber market have very big stimulative effect, will reduce content to spread cost greatly, 5 days can reach destination in Cong Manzhou, save half the time at least than highway transportation. In the meantime, cheap wooden deck caps lumber special train returns get through edge trade port sheds new channel to inland

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