Henry (Harry) Walsh d.1968 (West Belfast) December 25, 2014 1:45 PM

By : Mark

My Father Harry Walsh died in 1968  (aged 25) in tragic circumstances  -   the same year I was born.My mother Patricia  Margaret (maiden name McKeown) died aged 36 (1981) Unfortunately for me I have no  connection to my Fathers family as my Mother took me to New Zealand in 1972 and she is long since passed.I have been back to the North of Ireland to find out what I can but to no avail.As far as I know the Walshs are from around C. Armagh/Down.
Both my Mother & Father were living in Turf Lodge ,West Belfast at the time of his death.
I can only hope that somehow this message reaches a long-lost relative or someone out there that knew my Da.

Re: Henry (Harry) Walsh d.1968 (West Belfast) January 06, 2016 4:41 AM

By : Aine

I will have to ask my Da if he knows anything, our last name is Walsh and I was born in Belfast in 1978 my Da was born and raised there:

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