accurately identify potential customers August 09, 2018 10:07 PM

By : dreamgofashion

Among the first-year sales, 80% of the failures are due to the lack of search for potential customers. Learn how to find a customer to become a qualified salesperson. This article is recommended by the WeChat public platform elite online, welcome to focus on elite online, learn the wisdom of business elites!

First of all, we analyze the problems encountered in the process of finding customers. We don't know where the customers are. We get a lot of company names, phone numbers, etc. from the business directory, telephone yellow pages, online search, but we don't know who is the real customer.

Inappropriate customers make the time and effort invested in this customer wasted; the lack of standard evaluation of qualified customers makes it impossible to accurately identify potential customers; the first stage of sales is to find customers, we If the wrong direction is chosen and the wrong object is selected, we will have to face failure.

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