Sun room insulation method to install sunshade August 09, 2018 7:31 AM

By : dreamgofashion

After the sun room is built, we can install sunshade curtains on the roof of the sun room. Nowadays, there are many kinds of shade curtains on the market, both automatic and manual. You can choose direct print composite flooring and wall panels the appropriate curtains according to the actual situation. When the sun is big, we can open the sunshade curtains, so as to avoid direct sunlight to the house to generate high temperatures. Sun room insulation method is attached to the glass insulation film because the surface of the insulation film has a layer of reflective material, which can reflect the sunlight well and play a heat insulation effect. Applying the heat-insulating types of window composites made in canada film to the glass improves the glass properties, reduces the permeability of the glass, reflects the sunlight, and then acts as a heat insulator.

Sun room insulation method installation air conditioning equipment We can install air conditioning in the sun room, use air conditioning to reduce the temperature, but it is best to avoid the sun when the strongest time to open, you can choose in the evening, so you can not only wpc thermal expansion coefficient enjoy the cool air conditioning, you can also Look at the sunset.

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