The Cambro-Norman Invasion, the origins of the surname – Walsh.

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The Cambro-Norman Invasion, the origins of the surname – Walsh.

It is believed that the Cambro were Norman knights who settled in southern Wales after the Norman conquest of England in 1066. In addition to such Cambro-Norman lords, some of Ireland's most prominent families, including Walsh…, were indigenous Welsh families who came with the Norman invasion. (The surname "Walsh" itself, or in Irish Breathnach, "Briton", means "Welshman", and was applied by the Irish to Welsh who didn't have a surname).


When Dermot MacMurrough, a powerful King of Leinster lost his allies he sought help abroad.Losing his powerful allies in Ireland, it seemed evident that the ousted King of Leinster, Dermot MacMurrough, would seek assistance in Wales - and so the Norman invasion of Ireland began.

Following up on his promise of aid Robert FitzStephen landed, about the 1st of May 1169, with three ships of Norman, Welsh and Flemish forces, about 400 strong, on the southern coast of County Wexford at Bannow. The following day Maurice de Prendergast with a force of about 200 reinforced FitzStephen's group. Merging with a force of near 500 Irishmen under MacMurrough, the combined army marched toward the Norse-Irish seaport of Wexford, where battle began outside the walls of the town. Encountering the Norman mounted and armored knights and the deadly the Welsh archers, the Norse army of about 2,000 retired within their own walls. Following assaults on the walled city, the Norsemen called for terms of peace which ultimately led to their recognition, once again, of Dermot as their overlord. At this time, Dermot granted lands in Wexford to Robert FitzStephen and his half-brother Maurice FitzGerald, as well as to Hervey de Monte Marisco, an uncle of Strongbow.


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