that connect grand February 06, 2018 11:07 PM

By : dreamgofashion

2 special grade that connect grand the price fall range of board Fang material of main port is bigger, drop about 50 yuan / M3, among them the mouth expects 35, range of 38 series deep embossed floor board for exterior price fall is the biggest, the market still low fan. is full continent in SF1-4 class camphor tree child loose price is 1750-1850 yuan / M3, full continent Libendejia is versed in camphor tree child price of board

Fang material is loose wet material 1320-1400 yuan / M3, how much should i charge to build a deck the building expects with the mouth maximum price is 1520 yuan about / M3, come as winter, can look forward to spring only the market takes a favourable turn, anticorrosive wood also is in and row and drop to make an appointment with 1370 yuan / M3. Price of material of Fang of Bai Song board is basic and stable.composite Embossing flooring suppliers leeds camphor tree of 2 Lian Hao

spy child makings of release what is held, anticorrosive wood price fall range is bigger, market iciness, market sale price makes an

appointment with 1360 yuan / M3 left and customer reviews for flooring right sides. Peaceful fragrance river is close paragraph period arrives quantity 30-40 train wagon / or so days, look from the market very cool, price of SF1-4 of board Fang material makes an appointment with 1800 yuan /

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