The ice and snow melted, and everything October 10, 2018 3:16 AM

By : ylq

The ice and snow melted, and everything recovered. Spring girl walked in a light footstep. The place she walked through was alive and well -The peach blossom was awakened by the spring girl, and the smile of the pink toed was opened. The pink headdress was worn for the earth; the grass was awakened by the spring girl, and the green head was found out, and the green dress was replaced with a green skirt. The big tree met, and it also extended a handful of fans that did not grow up Newport Cigarettes Website.The spring girl walked through the vegetable field, a golden cauliflower, and greeted her with a bright smile Cigarettes Online. At first glance, it seems like a golden ocean is singing and dancing for the arrival of spring.The creek was still asleep, the spring girl saw it, and gave a sigh of relief to it Newport Cigarettes Coupons. A warm wind blew gently, and the creek immediately felt a warm current spread throughout the body, and he "broken off" a bright "Armor", singing a cheerful song to the distance.uh? How did the yang woke up? Oh, the original spring breeze also woke up the willow trees by the pond. They woke up and combed the long hair that was flowing in the wind. The spring breeze holds the branches of the willows and swings Marlboro Cigarettes, and the little fish in the water look at it in the water, as if they want to play.The spring girl walked on the small road in the country. The wildflowers on the side of the road also opened their sleepy eyes, sniffed the flowers and tasted the stream, and the joyful laughter of the spring girl attracted beautiful butterflies. The playful butterflies danced around the spring girl and flew in the middle of the wildflowers. The sleepiness of the wildflowers suddenly disappeared.The spring girl sat on the branch, and a few spring swallows stood by her side, cheering for the arrival of spring. Under the tree, a few children used beautiful songs to sing songs that praised the spring; in the distant elementary school, the students also recited the poems that praised spring! The little frog in the pond slammed the peasant uncle to let them appreciate this beautiful picture Marlboro Cigarettes Price. After hearing the peasant uncle, they took their own oxen to add color to this beautiful picture.what! How beautiful it is! This is a gift from nature and a gift from spring! 

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