We all have a common "mother" October 10, 2018 3:16 AM

By : ylq

We all have a common "mother" - the earth. She nurtures human beings and is the cradle of our lives. However, in recent years, our "mother" has become scarred, which is entirely due to the lack of environmental awareness and random destruction of the environment, so that Mother Earth cry Newport Cigarettes Coupons.n life, people who damage the environment can be seen anywhere, anytime, everywhere: on the street, people spit, litter, pets and urinate, and they also pretend to be a no-brainer, without any embarrassment. The people next to it didn't even bother to ask, as if nothing happened; in the forest, people were constantly cutting down trees, turning the lush forest into a desolate flat land; the factory's large chimney, constantly discharging The dark black smoke, dyed the whole sky into a dark one, caused great pollution to the urban environment... Some human behaviors turned the clear river into a garbage river and turned the blue sky into gray. The sky, turning renewable resources into non-renewable resources... If this continues, humanity will perish.this regard, the state has also taken some environmental protection measures Marlboro Red 100S, such as: establishing nature reserves, strengthening natural forest protection and building due to public forests, setting up the Environmental Protection Law, the Marine Environmental Protection Law, and the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law. Other laws and regulations, strengthening international cooperation, etc., and made great achievements. people have realized this, and the students are also actively taking action to contribute their own strength to the environmental protection cause:the past year, the school has carried out many activities related to environmental protection, encouraging students to plant more trees, issuing the initiative of ��less use of plastic bags, away from white pollution��, and also through blackboard newspapers, hand-written newspapers, bulletin boards, etc. The way to teach us some environmental knowledge and environmental common sense in life. As a "Little Green Guardian", I also produced slides on the theme of "Environmental Protection Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, Low-Carbon Living" on World Environment Day, which strengthened the environmental awareness of the students. The students also set up an ��environmental protection team�� to promote environmental protection concepts to more people, reminding the smates, human beings have only one earth, and each of us should cherish her and love her Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. Protecting the earth and saving the common home of mankind has become the unshirkable responsibility of every citizen. Let us start from me, start small things, protect resources, care for the environment Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, and work together to create a better tomorrow! 

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