the harmony of the home environment August 10, 2018 3:55 AM

By : dreamgofashion

The overall painstaking design of the overall design and cross-border integration to break through the dilemma of the industry is not to be overwhelmed by the opponent, but to know who the opponent is when you fall. Mobile and China Unicom never expected to be WeChat revolution, and the bank did not expect Alipay to give it a heavy blow.

In the field of home decoration, this cross-border competition has begun to take place. At present, traditional hardware, lighting, flooring and other home improvement accessories industries that are attached to real estate are facing development difficulties: in the decoration field,

especially high-end decoration, users put forward higher requirements for the harmony of the home environment, lacking unique positioning and overall design Category products are facing the risk of being integrated. The fact that products are integrated across borders and preempted by cross-border is testing traditional companies.

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