Limestone Ultrafine Vertical Mill Demand
  • Ultrafine vertical mill, in the field of non-metallic mineral powder occupies a high application value, is limestone, calcite, marble, dolomite and other non-metallic efficient processing equipment. The traditional mill is low capacity, high energy consumption, high maintenance costs and many other defects because of its own structural characteristics, virtually increase the investment costs of enterprises, greatly reducing the profits, which in terms of business development is a shackle.

    Zenith creative development of a new ultrafine vertical mill through continuous study and painstaking research, covering a number of patented technologies, including pendulum structure, maintenance-free roller assembly, ultra-fine grading machine, energy efficient dust removal system , Easy maintenance of the transmission system, etc., effectively guarantee the performance indicators to a new level, is the preferred equipment for limestone efficient milling.

    ultrafine vertical mill:

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