Vertical Roller Mill Oil Leakage Method
  • The grinding roller lubrication system does not return oil. When the roller is working, the bearing will generate some heat and it is in a high temperature environment. Therefore, it is generally lubricated by thin oil circulation, so that excess heat can be taken away to ensure that the bearing is in the normal temperature range. However, if the oil return is not smooth in the actual work, the oil level in the grinding roller will rise and finally overflow from the oil seal and the air.

    For this reason, in the case that it is difficult to effectively improve the grinding roller seal and the grinding roller lubrication system, the vertical mill manufacturer starts from controlling the oil level in the grinding roller, and adds a high temperature resistant liquid level sensor in the grinding roller, which can be achieved. A very good result.

    The liquid level sensor lead mounted on the vertical roller mill roller bearing gland is taken out from the grinding roller shaft, and a three-way electromagnetic ball valve is added to the oil station oil supply line, and the normally open point is connected to the grinding roller oil supply line. The normally closed point is connected to the return line.

    vertical roller mill:

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