Tree of Savior gaming Exclusive Test
  • Recently re-opened the exclusive test session Tree of Savior for several players on November 7 to December 27 yesterday. The main purpose of the exclusive test is to give a chance to players who want to contribute in the game, and prove the seriousness Gemscool in working on the localization of the game.

    Not to forget, we also had the opportunity to try out an exclusive test game Tree of Savior organized by Gemscool yesterday. For 20 days we tested the game, and see the progress that is presented IMCGames Register as a developer and as a publisher. Here are some of the improvements that we get when playing games Tree of Savior on exclusive test session:

    1. Translation and localization better
    Unlike the current session to try this game in alpha, the exclusive test session we saw quite a lot of content that has been translated. Although the portion as a whole is still not too much, the amount was increased from the previous.

    2. The amount of glitch is reduced

    When trying Tree of Savior first session alpha test, we found quite a lot glitch in the game. But the number has been reduced glitch pretty much the exclusive test session this time. One of the most feel is a glitch in some dungeon and boss.

    3. better graphics performance

    Another improvement that we feel when playing the Tree of Savior in exclusive test session this time was an increase in graphics performance. It was when we tried to play this game on a notebook middle class, with a framerate which is now more stable than the alpha test session. This game also works on the Windows 10 operating system.

    Although some improvements have been implemented, the IMCGames and Gemscool still have quite a lot of homework to be completed in order to be successful when the release of this game later. Some things need to be improved in this game are:

    1. Repair dialog system
    Translation and localization in the exclusive version of the test Tree of Savior indeed have pretty much improved, but we still see quite a lot of dialogue with the NPC that displays text in the form of program code.

    2. Improved graphical glitch character on a graphics card AMD

    One of the problems we had uttered while playing Tree of Savior on alpha test session is the graphical glitch on a character in a computer device that uses AMD graphics cards. Glith still appear on the session's exclusive test.

    3. Improved gaming system launcher

    One of the potentially fatal problems that we found in the game Tree of Savior of times this is the game launcher found problematic in some PCs. In addition to still rely on Flash plugin, an error message is displayed still use the Korean language that is not understood by most players.

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